week 1

easter came and went it took miss a bit to understand egg hunting I’d show her where one is and she’d stare at it blankly like, yeah and? she certainly understood what was so good about them when we opened one for her ….. which was quicky followed by a couple of wrapped ones and later resulted in a multi coloured nappy

anyway no asking for boobie all weekend happy as can be without it so I started TF that tuesday any way 1 week on AF decides to visit on weigh day, I really gotta work out this cycle thing last month seemed a week early this month is 4 days early cause I marked it on the calendar not that its majorly important but it took a bit to convince the boy that men don’t have to ejaculate to release sperm, and I think he now kinda gets why I’m not really interested in another baby at least not for a very very long time and especially not if  I still have to work FT with 2 under 5 at home I think telling him that sometimes I just don’t want to come home for a few days so I can relax and do my own thing for a change helped

 any way back to the TF I was hoping to lose 2 kg or more but I got 1.2  and considering I haven’t been drinking enough water and I had ice cream and a tortilla (with chicken and salad) on wednesday and chinese minus the rice on sunday night I think thats pretty good next wekk I will do better I am hoping to start finding the time and energy to get back  on the Wii fit on rainy days like today and out for a walk on the not so rainy days… I wish someone would invent a harness that allows one to walk unruly dogs whilst pushing the pram i hate the pram but miss is a pain to walk down the street with atm even with her own lead on she keeps wanting to run for the road or falling over here and there which is fine if you have all night to get around the block and  isn’t practical with the dogs as well because they will be all over her

I have to get a more recent photo or vid of them all together I imagine a vid would show better they love her she loves them its very cute


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