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what to do oh what to do

I’ve been thinking for ages about losing weight….. agian sigh …. its slowyly crept back and now i am a little over 90KGs which is the heaviest I’ve gone up to without the excuse of preganancy causing it
its very sad
anyway I sortof decided to keep an eye on portion size etc and when we stop BFing hit tony ferguson for 6 weeks or sofor a bit of a kick up the bum then back to the stuff I know from WW combined with some yummy stuff from the symply too good books

well the time has come, I found in january I had to take the not offering aproach because I was just getting a little overwhelmed by everything and she has responded well we went straight to 2 feeds a night from 5 and none in the mornings from 1-2 with no issues what so ever
then cam last week when I realised she hasin’t asked (ie assumed the position and pulled my shirt while headbutting my chest cause she can’t undo the bra) for a little over a week perhaps now is a good time so I ordered 4 weeks of TF
this week alone she has asked 3 times so do I start looking at refusing and go ahead with plans for me or do I keep that nice closeness the cuddles the love the appreciation and trust … sigh

I have kinda decided to take the next few weeks as the come the earliest any of the TF stuff runs out is december this year, I imagine by then she’ll either stop asking or I can pass those over to SIL …. but then again whos saying a tf shake rather than an upand go for breakfast would be and issue it only the full plan that you can’t do while BF (at all) because of the by products of that form of weight loss

happy easter every one we are heading to the bay very early i the morning guess I should put myself to bed


One thought on “what to do oh what to do

  1. Darn it, weight is so easy to put on, harder to take off and my gosh harder to maintain, I really struggle to maintain mine…up 5, down 5…just like a yoyo!! Good luck on your weight loss journey.
    Happy Easter….take care, be safe.

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