the good things replace the not so good

well the people a TIVO are brilliant I filled the repair-exchange form out on their website, 2 business days later they called to say a new tiov was on the way and should arrive the next 2 days, it arrived the next day today an envelope arrived for me to pack the old tivo into and send back soon I love their system.

the mechanic rang they have decided not to take my car I told him I’d given up on the idea of selling it so if he didn’t want it I’d call some one to take it away free…. he said he could arrange that and return the plates to the RTA for me as well I just need to send him the rego papers

Mrs E from across the road has agreed to look after miss at least for now

Our big plan is to get rid of a much debt as possible and then have the boy stay home and look after the house while i work heres hoping all that falls in place very quickly


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