Brain Dumps

Perhaps it has happened

another thing has gone wrong…. the nanny quit today she has recieved a once in a life tim oppourtunity to go and work in a funeral home…. I wish her good luck it is no where near the disaster of the car and the tivo which is less of a disaster than the car because it will either be repaired or replaced free of charge
we can find a new nanny, actually the lady accross the road has been wanting to look after miss for a long time so we will prolly ask her she will appreciate the $$ and be able to stop doing night fill at coles for a bit (I think she is also a bit clucky but her daughters are to young to settle down just yet)

jen I don’t think it’s so much the gremlins as the roaches, one of these days we’ll get a skip and seriously declutter the place then give it a good spray and hopefully keep the clutter away as well
I want oprahs friend to come and visit I need some one to tell me to throw that thing out, or out of this box you can keep 3 things and file this here ….. perhaps I just need some one to hold my hand …… there is a reason i sometimes feel I’m treated as a child , because sometimes I act like it

oh well


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