By beebeejaybee

I love my MIL

she came to visit a couple of weeks ago and DP being the proud thing he is showed off the things I have sewn

turns out MIL used to sew for her local church market but dosen’t anymore due to health issues and work
anyway she sent me this…… it arrived on friday
I’m currently going throught the patterns and making them fit ito their envelopes and making sure the peices are all there.. unfrotunatley most of them are cut out to a size 3 but I reckon if I trace that then work our how the sizing changes for the next size I should be able to up size them when required

there is now very little excuse for miss to not have an almost completley mummy made wardrobe by the time she is 2or 3

one pattern had material cut out for a romper which just happened to be miss’ size I’d take pics but it is currently covered in spaghetti

I discovered the usefulness of cotton tape for adding snaps to well I guess anything I used it lazy days skirt style as a facing on the bit between the legs it worked beutifully


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