Brain Dumps

My car ! My car ! oh no my car

is almost gone I went to work on monday to find it was RDO day …grrrr… on the way back i stopped off at spotlight then to the local woolies (safeway for some) to get a chook etc for dinner, the oil light came on while i was parking …. panic stations lucky I was at the shop grabbed some oil along with chook milk and toilet paper (we’ll forget that i also grabbed a 600g chocolate custard) oil was a touch low so i added some, a little too much but I figure too much is better than not enough and away I went oil light gone problem solved ….. hahahaha I think I broke a mirror recently blue smoke poured out of the back of my car i now know it is impossible for people to not know their car is blowing smoke , the oil light was bakc on too

I was close to home and even though I knew it was wrong decided I’m not pushing it when I’m so close and drove home, called the mechanic the next day and was advised that i call the NRMA who sent someone to look and then orgnised a tow to my mechanic

the mechanic rang today to tell me the engine has no oil pressure whatsoever and a new/recon would be around $3100 a second hand non recon would be $2700…….. I’m hoping I’ll get $500 for the car I wonder if sims will pay for it


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