By beebeejaybee



I took myself for a little trip to craftfest yesterday here are a few things I picked yup
the little stitchie kit has houses in different seasons on it and says seasons come seasons go but family is forever

the ella and skysie ones are teddy bears one is patterns for 8 bears with different sayings and instrucions for a casic quilt to go with and the other is a pre printed design on fabric with a bear in the garden (the roses have love heart  centers) and says gardening sewing chocolate and a cuppa make me bearable, very cute, they gave me some buttons too

the three little kittens fabric is a book panel, I loved it and it was the only one they had that was not counting or alphabet

the 123 pretty as can be wall hanging and book pattern caught my eye bot also came in kits but I figured plain bright colours should be easy enough to find

I’ve been eyeing off the chenielle quilt kit in magazines for a while now finally decided when i saw it to get it as quilt kits go it was well with in my budget not overly expensive and looks simple enough to start with

then of course there is the back issue of home spun magazine mostly because it is the kids special, I bought the handbag special last week and saw this one in it figure it will come in handy a little bit

so keep an eye out for these to pop up hopefully completed during the year hopefully time will alow the next few months


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