ahhh the joys of afternoons shift

I get up drag myself out of bed turn the kettlw on while the boy gets miss her breakfast lounge on the lounge a bit do a few dishes get the mail play with miss for a bit put her to bed and surf the web I could so get used to this

The boy has decided he is old, he is going to call in sick today because he is tired from the weekend away and he reckons he is not going away again overnight on the weekend because he ends up too tired …. what a shame

I have my biannual asbestos test this week its a big pain this time, normally the bring the lung bus onsite and you are given a time to go and visit it now I have to go to some building somewhere for it you wouldn’t think someone of my generation would have to worry about such things but there is so much of the stuff around you never know, I spent some time working with a contractor adding power points to department of housing kitchens smashing holes in the fibro walls to get the cable through without a thought , untill the boss went and did an asbestos course

oh well I’m off to do not much fo another few hours


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