where does all the time go

I’m guessing on work and family but I seem to be missing some somewhere

work has been tiring and miss with her now runnung around (almost ) is exhausting between the two I don’t get much time to me

the boy has gone away 2 of the last 3 weekends I don’t mind him going away and having his own time but I’d appreciate a little more time between weekends away so today I left him asleep with miss asleep and took myself to craftfest in homebush and spent a few $$ from the bantam that i prolly shouldn’t have but the next installment(apparently netbank dosen’t allow more than $2000 at a time not nesecerrily a bad thing but a pain anyway) will be paying off my CC so I should be able to use some of the cash on myself the funniest thing though in the next pavillion over (for those who arent sydney siders and who have never been to olympic park it is absoulutley huge) had the tattoo show so the little trains (tractors made to look like trains with trailers that look like carriges) that took people to and from the parking area were filled with frilly artsy ladies  and dotted with the odd character dressed in black with peircings and tattoos everywhere, it was quite a site

and so I enter the mysterious world of embroidery along with sewing  and quilting which I blog about here btw

the whole flylady idea has gone out the window for the moment too even though the amazing thing happened again … I started shining the sink and after a week or so …. the boy scrubbed the bathroom shiny Yaaay I couldn’t believe it

i also made up some of her instant mocha the week before last

1 cup instant coffee

2 cups drinking chocolate

3 cups instant milk

it turned out quite nice but i think I need to add more milk to the mix perhaps australian instant milk is different to the ones in the US or just her idea of creamy is different to mind no matter I currently have 4 cups of instant milk in there might make it 5 yet still not sure but then I like my coffee milky if i can get it

My darling little brother turned 21 on friday (6th of march) we all know that makes me old don’t we? anyway he now works at the local tip on the big trucks so I may be found referring to him as tipboy everynow and then


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