By beebeejaybee

thoughts please

partly because it seems to be the thing to do and partly because I’d like to have people recognise my work I want some of these  or some of these I’m not sure which yet i like the idea of wither cerise on pink or cerise on white with either print 2 or 4 or both if I went 2 lines but what do I put on them

my user name beebeejaybee or made by beebeejaybee or made with love by beebeejaybee or as with mummymadeit beebeejaybee made this/it

the boy suggested Budgee Gurl because thats what he calls me but then i come accross the same thing do i have just the name or add the made by (he suggested whatever designs but I’m not a designer so that won’t work at all)

then there is the option of using my actuall name eek we couldn’t have that could we????

made by belinda, made with love by belinda, sewn by belinda

and following all of that is do I have a motif

if I get the skinny ones would it be the sewing machine the scissors the butterfly or one of the teddybears ?????

if I got the thicker ones would it be the needle and thread or the butterflies or the lovehearts or the ducks 

ooooh its all too hard but the big one is the name to put on it


One thought on “thoughts please

  1. I would use Belinda, it will fit on a label much easier I think. Don’t go with Budgee Girl!

    I also liked the ‘on pink’ lable with the butterfly.

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