so much for that 15 minute fortnight

on top of doing nothing I used up all of my download in the first week by downloading blockbuster movie of the week to my tivo…. have I mentioned tivo ….. I love Tivo …… sometimes even more than the boy

I sould be mopping and vacuuming but I’m waiting for miss to sleep before I start the vac

two days back at work and I’m absolutly buggered I should start buying lotto again but I don’t want to spend the money so I’ll just sit and wait for some long lost very very rich great uncle to gift me lots of money

I so should retire but unfortunatley the govt dosen’t give money to people who have houses in their name just because they aren’t working unless of course they are over 60 or is it 64 I’m not sure I know an aweful lot of people who are still at work well into their 70’s though

I can celebrate one thing I  ok the boy sold my bantams on ebay the one in peices went of $1275 no there is no decimal point in there and the running one went for a little over $3000 not too bad considering a little over 4 years ago I spent $700 and $1200 respectivley

next on the hit list is the boat and then we will be getting roof racks and a canoe so we can take miss out and go in the river whenever the mood takes us its a bit unrealistic us having a sail boat when we liv a minimum 1hr drive from anywhere suitable to sail it yet only 20 mins from the nepean river and the lakes and there are prolly other places around nearby that are suitable

I’m excited but I have floors to clean so i will leave it there


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