By beebeejaybee

long time no blog

but a fair bit of sewing
I hit my daytime download cap and well not many pages these days are designed with dial up in mind

so to start there was the gratitude wrap challenge

then there is the pincussion swap that i can’t show too much of but heres a snipit

and sometime around or a bit before then there were the fires in victoria
so in the intrest of handmade help I made these
I was thinking of auctioning half and sending half but in the intrest of my own sanity i’ve decided to send them all except 1 which will stay with miss to meet me at mikes
I was thinking about doing bags too but i forgot how much work takes out of me

with the dificulty I’m having of finding minky (i have found some but won’t have it soon enough)
I will be making a couple more sockmonkeys as part of baby shower gifts providing of course that I find some proper rainbow or other ture unisex colour socks to use
I have decided that i prefer the french knot eyes to button ones partly because the buttons made monkey a bit freaky looking and miss kept chewing on them and I figure if she does then other small children will too
folowing that I will be putting my machine in for a tune up its started making some ick sounds


2 thoughts on “long time no blog

  1. I Love all your Sock Monkeys! They look great, the socks are all so nice šŸ™‚

    Your gratitude wrap looks great as well. The fabric pockets inside look great the way you have used them to show off the pattern.

    Well done on all the sewing.

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