now what was I doing again

oh I give up …. its sooo hot aparently it is going to be 44 on sunday its no weather to be doing anything , yesterday I washed to woofs they actually stood still and accepted being hosed and they weren’t that hard to catch either
today I let them come and enjoy the air conditioning for a while well untill miss kept playing in their water dish and generally getting up to mischief

yesterday I got new shoes sorry no pics my phone is being stupid again

tomorrow is swimming i’m so excited I hope I survive the trip there on the bicycle maybe not so much worry about the trip there thats all down hill it’ll be the trip home after squating in the pool for half an hr that is going to be fun …. hopefully the boy fixes the letter box
oooh did i mention we have new gates yaaay
and brings a picnic to the pool after the lesson


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