ahh yes that 15 minute fortinght … about that

well its not going so well i did absolutley nothing today but i have an excuse
the boy was supposed to take miss to swimming lessons while I did stuff then took them to the dr for miss’ 12month shots
he got there only to discover that he hadn’t rebooked for this term so he called me just as I was getting ready to duck out for a few things to tell me and the dates so there goes that hr of doing stuff
then I had to take them to the DRs i took miss on my own the last 3 times this time was going to be 3 shots instead of 2 so i left the boy to it
apparently she screamed so loud a dr came in to see what was going on then sat ther sobbing ….zebirdies..sob..sob..zebirdies…sob…sob and while they were there I tokk some parcels to the P.O and wandered around Vinnes then ducked home to the loo (sounds sad but AF made me do it πŸ˜‰ ) and came back then hung around the shoe warehouse and eventually sat in the car listening to the radio but I did get my parcels posted, miss has been too grizzley for me to do anything or go anywhere tonight
so tomorrow back to my 15 minute days after I take a trip to spotlight that is
there is so much to do and i feel guilty that I’m not doing anything
ok night night i have washing to hangout and put on


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