yet another hurdle to contend with …. I am so not doing this baby thing again we come from two very different worlds and our beliefs in child rearing differ greatly

the comment was made saturday morning “bout time we got her off the boob and start giving her bottles all the time” ,,,,YAH WHAT on what planet to they wean a 1+Y.O onto a bottle, most of the bottle fed kids miss’ age that I know are now pretty much completely off the bottle

apparently everyone hes known with kids has done that I do suspect these are the people who like his aunty beleive breastfeeding past 3/6months or in some cases 2weeks is disgusting and thats when and why they went to bottles not at 12 but at  6months and apprently give bottles of watered down juice, apparently I’m being high and mighty thinking a todler should only have juice in a cup of some description not a baby bottle and that bottles are only for milk (I have no problem with a toddler or young child having a bottle its no different to kids that are breastfed to 2 and beyond) and he wanted to give miss bottles of juice 😮

I gently informed him I was hoping to phase out bottles altogether but at least get rid of this feeding to sleep with a bottle habbit especially since she no longer breastfeeds to sleep

apparently this mean no bottles or boobie cold turkey, I have no Idea how that came about but it is certainly not no boobie cold turkey but if they can get by without the bottle thats great by me


3 thoughts on “Weaning

  1. Keep on doing what you doing….little miss will let you know when she doesn’t want boob anymore…and definetly don’t give her bottles, my kids went from boob (all breastfed over 12 months) to cups!

  2. I agree, keep doing it your way – I think the other views are actually ignorant rather than focused on what’s best for the baby. Boob is best – formula tins even say so, so if it all works then you should be supported, not put down for it.

    People who say such naive and wrong things are either uneducated in the matter or speaking from their own experiences and what they say has no real relevance in how you raise your baby 🙂 I’m hoping to breastfeed until 12 months and then wean/replace with food. You do what’s right for you and your little miss.

    And no baby needs bottles of watered down juice before the age of one.. breastmilk has all the water and nourishment they need – food is just an additional supplement and experience at that age.

  3. I think your doing a great job 🙂 Do what feels right for you and keep up the good work. It can be hard when there are differences of opinion.

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