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over the silly season

and I missed posting about miss’ birthday šŸ˜¦

but it is over at least for now no more you must do what we want you to do how selfish of you to want to do your own thing, it dosen’t matter that you have your own family you are turning your back on the rest of the family ….. just keep shovelling the guilt on people one day i’ll crack but its ok I’ll just keep towing your line

happy christmas gone big fancy birthday party gone and neither really happenedĀ I was hoping to hold a family event at a local park but the boy is not interested in helping me so it has gone by the wayside too late for it now and apparently I’m an ogre because I stopped his dad from seeing miss on her birthday and for christmas ….. tough FIL was at his GF’s house on christmas day he could have come visit in the morning but apparently his GFs dad was visiting there in the evening so he couldn’t go anywhere at all …… get real …….. miss’ birthday due to the lack of help from the boy was held ad a family friends house where it happened that they have a 3 day new years party I’m dissa pointed that he didn’t compromise with a party the following weekend but if I think about it too much I’ll just jump in the car and keep driving never to be seen again

he was whinging to his brother on the phone about how weak I am and my mum walks all over me and he has no say and I’m unreasonable …..Ā I sat on the floor and cried so much he tried to settle me but he just dosen’t get it I’ve had pressure from everyone to do everything other than what they want and on top of that I was on night shift for the weekĀ considering just not coming home as a solution to all of my problems even if miss hates me for the rest ofĀ her life

I did get a good view of the sydney fire works from the top of the water tower at work with 4 cleaners and a mate took me 3 attempts to get up there but I did eventually


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