By beebeejaybee

Jeans handbag

finally I have the time to show off my latest project
and how I did it

first we pick a pair of jeans, I like the bottom pair with the embellishments on the pockets

pin the waits band so that it is level

I folded the extra fabric in the bum down then cut just below the folds but you could cut anywhere that makes a sutiable length for the bag you want

cut the crotch out and the stitching up to the fly


bring the legs together, fold the raw edges to the inside and pin , this is a little tricky I had to play a bit to get it right

turn the jeans inside out and stitch where you just pinned it chould come out looking a little like a skirt

pin the bottom of the “skirt” and again stitch where pinned

turn right way out

I don’t like the squareness so I played a little with folding the corners in then when they were right I pinned them turned the bag inside out and pinned where the folds were caused by the pins on the outside

folded rightway out to check it was stil right then back inside out and stitched where the pins are

for the handle because my jeane were stratch I used the outside seams or the legs the legs had been cut short by someone before so I had to use both legs to make a long enough strap


pin together the strips and stitche I ironed the seam to one side, pin the rightsides together stitch then turn out ……. this too a couple of hours to do denim is a bit tougher than I expected


pin the strap in place then with thread matching the existin thread stitch the strap to the waist band along the existing lines top and bottom of the waist band

cut 2 squares/rctangles of fabric the right size for the lining, probably could have cut a similar shape to the bag but squares seemed ok, stitch the sides together with rightsides facing then pin alon the waist band of the jeans stick your machine inside the lining and stitch along the existing stitching with matching thread

pull the lining through the fly and stitch the bottom of the lining then tuck the lot back in and topstitch the top edge of the lining

you could stop here but I felt it needed some more support around the top

cut strips of fabric matching lining  same as for the strap sew right sides together then turn out
cut the ends on an angle then turn the raw edges in and edge stitch them shut (I had to do this in one swift movement thus no pic)


thread the belt through the belt loops then tie the ends together I used a windsor knot (I knew I learnt that for a reason)

and  all done


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