By beebeejaybee

christmas sewing

Finally the boy agreed that for his Neice and nephew I could make something ….. ok so I’ve been itching to make a lazy days skirt ever since i first read about them so you can guess what mis 5.5 is getting + a top which I was all keen to aplique but decided against it since the most plain top I could find was still a little decorative

and the nephew I’ve been itching to have a go at novy’s pencil roll so thats what i did and picked up some colouring books to go with the pencils … I only had 10 pencils but they came with a sharpener so I cut 2 pockets at about half way turned over there top of the short pocket as normal and turned the siide of the first long pocket in then continued as usual it turned out quite well

the sharpener actuually tucks completely inside the pocket



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