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christmas is driving me mad

here I am very proud of myself because I got just about all of my christmas shopping done in one evening yay me …… lets see

for miss there is a few things a couple for the boy one for mum I know what dad wants I got that today instead tonight I realise I have nothing for my lil bro  oops I haven’t even thought of anything

then there is the niece and nephew I left that up to the boy since technically they are his rellies not mine well here we are 1 week away and he just starts thinking about it now luckily I have some Ideas up my sleeve that I want to try so he is now in  charge of finding a colouring in book for the nephew and a nice T-shirt for the niece I might end up having to do that too I have made a skirt and tomorrow will be making a pencil roll for the nephew  phew

now what am I going to do about my bro

on top of all of this the boy is again saying we must stay home for christmas no going anywhere ppl want to see us they can come to us …. I am working on this one the family are putting alot of pressure on for us to go to the family thing  i hate that there is nothing we can do he has conceded that we will go to the family NYE celebrations as a compromise for not going to christmas they should be talking to him about this not me I really am thinking working christmas day would be good just to get away from it all even better if I had holidays and we went away for the week


One thought on “christmas is driving me mad

  1. Hard one there. It is nice to spend time with family on Christmas Day but sometimes even nicer to just have a family day at home.

    Good luck babe. Seems no matter what you do someones nose will be out of joint.

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