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planning a holiday

I just discovered another reason we have not gone away for more than a weekend together in 7 years its sooo hard to plan and everything seems so expensive

Do we go north say port mac, taree, kempsey, forster

or south Kiama, shell harbour, jervis bay, eurobadalla, batemans bay, Bega

on top of that do we go coast and spend time on the beach or inland and enjoy the countryside and fresh air?

Do we camp? or hire a cabin or if we can find one at a good price a house?

Do I drive and the boy ride so we’ll pick the scienic route? the boy isn’t really up for that Idea apparently family holidays are about arguing and getting bored on the long car trip

oh decisions decisions we have a few months yet, I was thinking febuary but I might think more somewhere later in the year depends on when the Lbil is getting married


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