By beebeejaybee

November challenge – Oven mitt

Finally got a chance to pull everything back out again and have a go, reading the thermal fleece it says its not sutible for direct heat like with oven mitts but I figured I’d give it a go …. at $24 a meter I felt it should do everything bar make a cupp of tea it seems to work ok but I think with the next mitt I’ll be putting some batting either side so there are more layers between the hot and my fingers

anyway here we are progress of my oven mitt


the materials
cutting out
one half quilted one to go
quilting - hey my machine can handle the layers
trimmed ready to turn
turning seems trimmed a little too much
a snug fit
the finished product


I amd the same mistake as many others with buying the wrong binding, i took Cass’  suggestion to just use a strip of fabric and don’t worry about cutting it on the bias and it worked beautifully


One thought on “November challenge – Oven mitt

  1. I only used one layer of the thermal as well and it is not too bad for general use. I like your binding, it worked out really well.

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