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holididdles and a hens night

Miss and I went away for the weekend, Mabel is getting married and decided to have a girls weeken, he had her Ds who is a month older than miss with her (working on a good name ) so I took miss the plan was that once they got tired her mum and I would take them and put them to bed then I’d go back to the party at the pup down the road from where we were staying

it didn’t quite work that way, her mum was having such a good time, a small group of us took the kids (there was also an older boy) home to bed two were going to stay and babysit, they had had their night but miss didn’t got to sleep til very late when i figured they wouldn’t let me back in anyway so we sat an watched a latenight movie.

I’m sure there were a few sore heads the next morning, mabels mum was definatly one of  them,  which is good because she dosen’t get out much but not so good cause mabel was looking after her mum on her own hens night

saturday was a lovley day for  the beach, miss didn’t mind the water but screamed when I sat her in the sand … I was like that too, I still don’t particularly like getting sandy it took alot of convincing that it wouldn’t be that bad if she got a little sandy

we had a good night sausage sandwiches for dinner and a good game of I spy which is an odd thing for a group og adults to be playing buyt great fun because you also have to get the right word for the thing (candelabra or candle holder depends on who spies it) made much more dificult by a few very potent drinks

have to ad we have progressed fro Rah Rah to buy by and Du  Du  to Du…CKKK very cute but I’m pretty sure its still parroting not enough to be saying a first word…. jee maybe I’m a bit hard on expectations

in the sand at the beach
in the sand at the beach
not liking the sand on her hand
not liking the sand on her hand

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