By beebeejaybee

Juggling the work life balance

this week is night shift, I managed to cop 7 nights in a row with last week being a split shift

The Boy is unimpressed, but thats ok I’m unimpressed too, but in a different way, this is my equivilent of getting overtime, i got home yesterday and crawled into bed next to miss, I love just laying there watching them sleep they have the same expression and the same mouth .. anyway, miss wakes up crawls around the bed a bit then starts playing with the blinds followed by pulling my hair and hitting me in the face grrr I figued i wasn’t going to get any sleep and he wasn’t getting up any time soon so miss and I get up and ready to start the day, giving your 10 month old a bowl of weet bix and a spoon is a very messy affair, but an aweful lot less stress than trying to feed her. then we sat and watch the night garden miss wacks the TV anytime theres a face closeup its very cute glad we don’t have a plasma 😆

the boy got up all stressed out because I got up and should have stayed in bed telling me to go back to bed and generally causing stress in the house, we were fine really watch tv ok so I may have been dozing on the lounge but its all good the day didn’t get much better from there the boy dosen’t let things slide, if its going to be a stressful day that will be the whole day

today was much better, they went swimming I slept for hours and hours for some reason i still feel tired but thats ok

he wants me to go on a shift permenatley Day, afternoon or night, if i can’t do that he wants me to find a job that can and is closer to home sadly that will mean no job security, at the moment if i lose my position they will retrain or redeploy me into another elsewere I don’t know of anywhere other than government jobs that do that, and lower pay, we get paid very well for what we do want more there is OT which I can’t do cause i need to be home for the nanny and shift work which I can do occasionally oh well andothe hurdle i guess

he started talking about No.2 again last night, he just so dosen’t get it I never particularly wanted children at all, child I figure i can do, 1 fits into most activities fairly easily, but apparently they need another or they end up stuffed up later in life, the example he gave was a friend of mine who I believe would be the way she is even with a sibling and I wouldn’t say is stuffed at all her parents are just better off than either of ours were so she grew up in a different world

theres another reason, we can’t afford another i want 12months off he reckons i’d get too depressed with that long off I reckon we just can’t afford it …. though this past week watching him deal with miss I don’t think he can handle a 2nd child to care for he yells at this one for the smallest thing


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