secret womens business

AF , ttom, call it what you will… visited finally this past week,


it’s something I’ve been hoping wouldn’t happen for a long time especially not this week if it comes back regular straight away because in 4 weeks we are going to forster and well … I can’t swim

I am looking into getting one of these, in the hope it is alot better than tampons which irritate me

anyway, with my looking into cloth nappies last year I also went for cloth pads …… I was sure the boy was going to make lots of fun of that one even though he suggested the use of cloth nappies but it seems where I’m looking at things as cost saving measures he is thinking green, I’m not allowed to buy garbage bags any more, so he is very supportive. I have to say I should have got a wider variety of sizes, I’m really hoping that AF for future visits stays the way this week was barely a gentle ache let alone the curl up in bed with a hot water bottle cramps, I’ll bet its not going to stay that way though but I have to say I’m so glad I went cloth, things are tight …. really tight, I was trying to figure out why they weren’t when i was on 1/2 pay but they are now then it came to me, I was on public transport then because we didn’t have a car now we can add a $70 Per week fuel bill to the budget which I know will be less when I get my bike back on the road but for the moment it stands anyway, Af arrived as I said without the cramps and only the tiniest inkling on my part that it was coming but thats been going on for months so without cloth I would have been well and truly unprepared but I have been carrying a pad around in my bag for months (folded up it lookes like a coin purse) and the first proper sign that AF had arrived I didn’t have to duck to the shop for supplies they are in my drawer ready to go and by the looks of things I have enough to do almost a whole week without washing or iff the week is rainy and things take forever to dry ….. so why do I feel the want to buy more? when I haven’t the $ to do so :sigh:


anyway all is back to normal though miss is unwell, I’m hoping she wakes up back to her healthy self in the morning


One thought on “secret womens business

  1. hiya b

    just thought i’d let you know i ahd apeek at your blog-it makes for really cool reading. keep it up dude!

    clare aka plops

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