By beebeejaybee

Fuel fightback!

I am in awe, these people not far from where I live for the last few days have been slashing the price of petrol to less than $1 a litre its amazing, on the first day it was 94c/L a price that hasn’t been seen fo a long time k asked at pas on wednesday night if you would really cue for 2hrs just to save $35 we must remember that K didn’t even realise that there was a bannana shortage because she didn’t look at the price of them just bought them i have to say ATM with us on a fairly strict budget if I had the time yes I would cue for that long to save $35 of my weekly $70 fuel bill allowance

anyway i’ve strayed from the story

yesterday i read that a local egg farmer who was upset at the fact that an elderly friend could no longer afford to buy eggs because they are almost $6/doz (I don’t know where ours are much less than that) so he and his brother donated eggs to the cause, buy fuel there and you get 1/doz eggs free


today I heard on the radio on my way to work, the price was about to drop to 99c/L  for 1 hr, the eggs were ther and the local butcher, (and I think the baker) was putting on a free sausage sizzle…. thats got me really excited all of these small businesses getting together all over what they feel are rediculously high prices,


tonight I was watching A Curent Affair  and it turns out todays effort joined by a servo in melbourne and one in brisebane is being supported financially by them and will continue to spread and be supported by them

one of those days that that show manages to make you feel warm and fuzzy rather than just plain annoyed at their silly questions and chasing people


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