By beebeejaybee

crook again

always reminds me of burgerlers  the term crook but i seem to be constantly this year this time it is the boy’s flu I’m soo dying …. ok so its not that bad but I took two days off anyway just in case


we were having a tense discussion today bout the house we are going to win, The Boy bought a ticket in the prince of wales hospotal faoundation lottery apparently there is a 25-1 cance of winning something…. there are alos 3000 prizes our hope is the house, he insisted on taking me on a virtual tour even though he keeps saying we’d take the $$$ pay off our house and relax for a while I’d like to go live there but he reckons the council rates would be through the roof oh well it’s his $100 ticket I suppose he can do what he wants with it but I wish he hadn’t taken me on the tour now


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