By beebeejaybee

a day off

Don’t you just love a day off, especially the ones wher you have nothing planned and you aren’t taking a sicky these are great days time to sleep in have a shower when you feel like it , trundle to the shop or just plain relax I can handle that we’ve had a nice day, i don’t know what time miss got up but we both ignoed her for quite a while, she now turns the light on in her room, pretty soon she’ll be in a bed that lets her get up on her own now that one will be a worry.


I’ve started liteneasy again after losing 15kg as always happens when people notice I gained back 5 so accordinbg to the BMI calculator I have approximatley 35kgs to lose but this time I’m going to do it no excusses atm I couldn’t be bothered going for a walk in the evenings but I’m sure eating alot better will help me have the energy

tomorrow is mums birthday we are going to peters of kensington its very exciting I haven’t been there in a long time, I usually just buy things online and they get posted in nice little packages intrestingly they are very good with their prices too for very expensive things anyway


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