By beebeejaybee

the beginning

I bought myself a machine a little over a month ago, I think, time tends to get away on me, it was only $80 i figure if I decide not to use it very often ther is no great loss I’d be beating my self up over having a $600+ machine and not really getting to use it 

here is my sewing area
my sewing area
it is also our bbq table when people come but  thats not very often, The Boy has offered to build a foldaway table which would be lovley but won’t happen for a while yet

I started with this
"the dress"

which I am pleased with as a first attempt

next project was this
Pink floral apron

which I kinda mucked up but it turned out pretty good in the end and taught me to read instructions

got pretty bored on a recent public holiday that led to a trip to spotlight with encouragement by the boy where I picked up these…. the pink with bright flowers has sparkles ooooh
fabric note the pink

from the country garden floral (top layers) this is my current project
this weeks project
so far I have done the hat and the panties which are very cute the actuall dress is cut out ready to be put together if miss goes to sleep soon (Oh so tired but refusing to settle completely) i’ll have that done by bedtime for me


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