By beebeejaybee

how long can a 25 minute trip in sydney take

not twenty five minutes during peak hr that’s for sure, I got to work 1 hr late today grrrr I allow 1 hr to get to work which on night shift is only a 25 min trip so 2 hrs it took in almost dead stopped traffic

I would love to know who these idiots are that design and build two lane freeways in a city of around 5 million people, OK so I will grant that when the road was built in the late 80’s or early 90’s there wouldn’t have been anywhere near that and during the Olympics large sections of the road were widened to 3 or 4 or even 5 lanes but there is a section just before the toll (for a road which has already been paid for by tolls but that’sanother story) where it is almost impossible to make more lanes, where did somebody crash this morning in that miserable 200m stretch of road blocking the whole freeway for 20kms


ooh I feel so much better now, planning to work OT on Thursday and Friday so I can get a new clutch for my mechanical baby then I won’t have to sit in the traffic it’ll be worth taking the highway which runs parallel to the freeway and filtering through the traffic at lights


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