By beebeejaybee

night shift leaves me not up for much

a week of night shift ick but I did it, I didn’t go sick and next week I’ll have a very nice pay

was hoping to have a productive weekend but thats just not happening … I beleive I have a lage black dog shadowing me its getting rather annoying I have gret plans and find myself sitting staring at a blank TV screen because I couldn’t be bothered even turning it on , how sad it that

I put some lightener in my hair today called SUNIN I used it a few times when I was at school, hopefully it works I’m tired of being dark brown and too impatient to wait for the sun to do it naturaly the other hope is that I didn’t get it too uneven , theres nothing worse than a bad hoome colouring job, I ondce put a colour called aztec copper in the first time I just plonked it all on top then spread it out, you can probably imagine the result

guess I should at least bring teh washing in , I did want to move my bookcase out of miss’ room but I’m a little overwhelmed by it at the moment, there are alot of deep memories stashed away in it along with the books that I would like to sell since I can either buy them again when I want to read then or borrow them from the library, My aim is to make my book case all refrance books and borrow reading books in future rather than trying to store all of the books I love but hardly ever even looking at them


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