By beebeejaybee

a celebration, a new hobby, shopping at home and miss

Guess what ……….

I now weigh 90.5kg’s (I dance around the room squeeling ) 🙂 thats 15kgs down since january, reckon the next 15 will be alot harder to manage, the boy wants me to start looking after myself better,

I will admit that since returning to work I have been very miserable over alot of things and neglected myself badly, I really need a trip to the dentist, I’m afraid to go because I know it will cost a fortune to get my mouth back up to scratch, I’m also afraid that the dentist might want to remove a tooth or two, it prolly not as bad as I think but I panic everytime I get close to making an appointment, I’m planning on going to a local sleep dentist aparently the anethetests is bulk billing so thats not an expense to worry about

anyway, I’m considering getting back to WW to help with the weightloss situation, I have a Wii and Wii Fit which I need to use more often even if some of the exercises are alot harder than they should be, remember me who went to the gym 3-4 days a week 2 or so years ago doing lunges with weights, I now struggle top do lunges without and weight I’m soo unfit its not funny

I went shopping in my own wardrobe tonight this is another celebration, I was going through my pre preg things sorting them in order to list them on ebay when I looked at a skirt I remembered being a little big on me when I was size 14 which is the size on the label so I tried it on ….yipppy I have a new/old skirt (bounce around the room again) this was followed by the outfit I wore to auntys b’day party in march last year and remember this well it fits ….bounce bounce bounce….. on top of those so does this

so lots of celebrating, I also bought myself a sewingmachine this week of ebay for $79 with free postage, was a factory second with a damaged box, not a brand name but hey I don’t really know how to sew either

here is my first project,

I’m planning to attempt it again next week but make it a slightly larger size, as my model shows its only going to fit for a week or so


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