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here I am

I’m back at work :sigh: I hate it

I like doing what I do but I would rather be spending time with miss,

I discovered another thing I get to miss out on today…. swin school 😥 I was hoping to get a weekend class so I could go but it looks like the boy will be doing it since the classes run monday to wednesday and friday mornings :sigh: one thing I had a chance of doing, I should have gone back to work part time even if it ment living on a tight budget

I did get one of these today which is great better than the wrap I was using and the boy is keen to use it to take miss to visit nan during the week, I’ll drop them at the station on my way to work and they catch the bus and train this is good cause there is now no longer an excuse for him not to go places that he can go by bus and train

we start food next week, thinking about starting on tuesday 1st which is exactly 6 months we are doing this I had my cousin try to lecture me about the need of this and that for nutrition and that babies can’t absorb iron from breastmilk after 6 months (What a switch suddenly flips and baby can no longer abosorb iron are you listening to yourself woman) I politely informed her that is has been beleived that there is a depletion of the stores of iron from the womb at 6 months below acceptable levels in some babies but most it dosen’t happen till around 9 or after didn’t bother sharing the info I’ve read bout the added iron in farex doing nothing for babies cause that is even less absorbable poor boy has been on pretty much straight farex for a little over a month


I guess I’d better stop stalling and go do some folding


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