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less than 3 weeks to go……

till I go back to work, now why couldn’t I have found a man with old fashioned values who insists I must stay home at least untill the child goes to school….. hahahahahahahaha…. yeah like that would last, I told The Boy that IF we have another I’ll be saving for a year first so that I can afford a year off but as selfish as it may seem…. Our lifestyl will fit around Miss or she will fit in it I don’t think 2 will especially when I haven’t been on my bike since september last year and it’s driving me nuts, the only reason I haven’t ben on my ake is that I cannot afford to register it, Bloody NSW rego system.

I thought I’d turn 25 and be able to get a greenslip for $200 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA how stupid was I was close to that for the car but for the bike it was between $700 and $440 . 

Forthose not here this is Third party injury insurance, you know like for the person you hit, as far as I’m concerned,  I’m the one that is most likley to get hurt in the accident which is most likley to be with a tree or a car

 WHY do I have to pay so much, I hardly ever carry a passenger so theres no need to cover them as if they are always there.

and any way every survey ever done says that the most common form of motorcycle accident is single vehicle usually on a bend due to excessive speed

Ok I feel better now

I’m not looking forward to going back to work I’m going to miss so much, Miss has started rolling over both ways and can almost crawl, Once she learns to use her arms too she’ll be off, also The Boy has very different values to me he often comes out with things that were done when he was a baby, which I read about and why the aren done anymore, but HIS Nan had 5 kids and she did it and HiS MUM had 4 and she did it and because they had so many kids they know a hell of a lot better than me or MY MUM who only had 2 Grrrrr it was different times and things have changed, my mum suggests stuff and I can say yeah thats what they used to do but they found this was better and its ok she’s usually interested in how things have changed.

on rolling Miss fell asleep today for the first time while playing will insert photos eventually


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