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sunshine lolipops and roses

ok so the are no lolipops involved I just feel the song at the moment roses we have a few, every now and then the boy cuts some and puts them in a vase in the lounge room awwww they smell really nice but we yet again have sunshine glorious sunshine, it was like 1 degree this morning but we had sunshine, hopefully the clothes will dry and the nappies will de stain and all will be good, the extenda line is packed up for now ready to be used next time is gets rainy or when its too cold for things to even almost dry in one day tomorrow miss will be 4 months old ooooh  that used to be the age that soldis were intruduced, I could see that being a big mess, everything that we let her taste gets pushed out still and she is in the upper ranges for weight and height so no need anyway


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