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Promises of a former Prime Minister

I’m sure we all remember during the elections of 2004 our now former prime minister Promised to keep interest rates down, now I am absolutly sure that these promises had the Reserve bank a little annoyed, see the prime minister dosen’t control rates so not long after that up they went, I’m not disputing the possible need for them but I think even if there was only a possibility in the future need for them to go up they would have then just to prove a point……

 anyway knowing that the PM has nothing to do with running interest rates, the boy and I were just about to get into the housing market we set ourselves a limit of a mortgage that we could easily pay on one wage should the need arise  and payed a certain amount into a joint account which would be enough for the mortgage to come out + home and contents insurance and some general repairs/renovations,  since then we upped the amount to include bills , I got a letter this week from the bank thinking it was just a statement I left it a few days b4 opening it I was wrong yet another notice that our payments have gone up after 3 years, our orriginal input amount has finally been passed 😡 with me on half pay the time has come to buckle our belts and deepen our pockets

I have started a spending diary in a small notebook, I bought 😳 yesterday not much point ATM I have a whole $20 in my bank and $10 in my wallet , I’m considering using lizzys baggy budgeting but we will see I’m also planning to reate a prices book so I know what to expect a shop to cost and if i can fit it in this week

New No 1 Rule if its not on the list you don’t need it don’t buy it


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