By beebeejaybee

Life spam and other stuff

Hmm maybe I should change my title to that ……

I just realised how much spam there is out there I got a comment which was very strange….. not that getting comments are strange but this one was….. said something about dropping in from some foreign country while surfing the web nothing about the actual post or anything like that so I spammed it I checked my spam filter I have 18 spammed comments 80 that’s just crazy do these people really think there are that many venerable people out there who will click on their silly links or email theme to see who they are ?

Last week we had some Ad-ware which had installed itself encouraging us to buy their ad-ware removal product 😡 symantec tech got rid of it for us for the tidy little sum of $139 we now have no ad-ware but really I could have just cleared the whole puter and started again for free…. we are eating emergency frozen food this week no more Good Taste dinners until the boy gets paid, he is happy about that I’m not I kinda like cooking stuff that is easy and works oh well next week will start again

anyway I know that the ad-ware removal tool would have worked because it was probably just going to shutdown the ad-ware that had some how got onto our puter. if you didn’t know much about Internet etc then it would impress you how well it worked

I am trying to get back into this prolly the main reason I want a laptop because the Puter is currently in a very uncomfortable position and I also open the window with all of these great things to share and as soon as the page loads I touch the key board and BANG all gone grrrr


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