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Long time no me

I spend many many hours surfing and watching TV yet find no time to blog so sad

I think I’m starting to stretch at the seems not yet fall apart but not far from it, I don’t want to go back to work ever I like being at home, I love spending lots of time watching and playing with miss, oh have I told you she laughs now ūüėÜ so sweet, but our house repayments go up every couple of months, when we first bought the place we made sure that we could pay it off on one of our wages, remembering that we both earn the same amount now after 12 rate rises we are at the top end of what we were putting into the account that repayments come out of, after I get paid at the moment on half pay I have around $200 left, this was saved¬†over the last few months and¬†used to pay insurance for the car ( I think I may as well have gotten full comp insurance ), the car needs some repairs as could be expected, it leaks oil at a rate of half the indicator a month it also has an unexplainable squeek in the rear end possibly breaks Pa is insisting on paying for the repairs I don’t want to owe pa money, especially since I am about to ask Dad for a loan to pay rego for my bike :sigh:¬† so you can see I have no choice but to go back I wish part time or job sharing was an option

on less depressing things, miss and I went north for the easter weekend, the boy had things to do. we stayed at mables place, mable has J who is¬†almost 1 month older than miss K was also there with W¬† who is the same age as J¬†, ooh thats soo confusing, anyway J&W are¬†cousins to each other and either 2nd or 3rd cousins to miss (they are my cousins children so that makes 2nd to me but is it 2nd or 3rd to miss?). anyway lots of pics were taken W rolled on top of miss and J dosen’t like being on his back, we went for a walk on saturday
out walking at nelson bay
we went to the beach on sunday
Asleep on the beach
came home early monday morning and went to the boys family lunch poor baby had some very unsettled days this week

I discussed with Mable and R, The boys wish not to have the three biggest lies in history in miss’s life, R agreed with the theory and the boy has said to me I can run these lies if I wish but if aske he will tell the truth now it won’t be an issue until miss can understand what is going on but then there will be the whole family¬† and friends thing, people always ask kids what santa or the easter bunny is bringing R agreed with the¬† theory because they never ask adults those questions

I put her to be and havent heard anything for a while so went to look in

this is what I found
what I'm supposed to sleep now hahaha

so much for asleep

¬†yes I know toys aren’t supposed to be in the cot, I feel lucky


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