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be aware of the children

yet again a child is run over in a driveway, this sort of thing really irks me.

I understand that small children can be one place one minute and gone the next.

But when we were small, dad either put us in the car, which at an age where you have to sit in a child seat its a big thrill to sit in the front seat or has us stand on the front step holding onto the pole. Apart from that we were not allowed out the front without supervision, dad is a security freak, the front door is always locked, and the side gate was chained shut, its since been replaced with a carport and a tilt-a-door which is really hard to open mostly due to it being fairly old.

I know accidents do happen, and we don’t know the full circumstances as with most new stories but for goodness sake people, you have small children, keep an eye on them, be aware that they can not be seen at the back of the car unless you have a fancy camera thing, accidents like this are really preventable with a little thought and much less haste


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