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how embaressment

ok so we went all the way to the other side of the city for morning tea it was nice one of those designer magazine houses that we all dream about but could never keep that way or afford. Disscussion was of course baby and parenting choices focused….

I choose not to share too much, they are very anti imunisation, I just don’t like the Idea of newborns being treated as pin cussions, I wonder if there are perhaps a few diseases that are imunised against these days that weren’t b4 that are possibly better(immune wise) if caught than injected and I know there are others that thanks to being immunised people have caught and survived where in the past they wouldn’t have.

they were also all very much in a higher social class than I am, so have different intrests and abilities to do things, quite a few yoga teachers too.

everyone was surprised that I felt thing were easier than expected, someone made a comment about my hair being done and all, no I just have a great hairdresser, to use kelly’s term I ❤ him, then they were surprised that I had gone to the hair dresser some of them have babies over 6 months and still haven’t made it, I didn’t bother mentioning that I have been going to that hair dresser since I was 7 and his daughter held miss while mum got her hair done then mum held her, or for that matter that my mum and I make going to get a hair cut a day out every 6-8 weeks starting at 730 when mum picks me(now us) up including a wander round the shops, breakfast and coffee

now for the embaressing bit, miss did a big poop it leaked out of the leg of her nappy, down my white pants and onto the lady’s rug 😳 then after I changed her she chucked all over me 😳 I left shortly after that

oh B4 I go Magnetobold I haven’t eaten it yet but I will be thinking of you when I do


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