By beebeejaybee

so when’s the christening?

ARRRRRRGH, its started already, evil nan came for lunch yesterday, ans asked the above question…..awkward silence…. I told her we wern’t having one the boy chimed in with we feel she should be free to choose when she’s old enough…. but what if she decideds to become a musilm asks nan, I think this woman is nuts, hasn’t she heard of conversion, I say thats up to her we have muslim friends who are really nice even the dedicated ones. we be nice to nan, we bite our tounges and  think nan might pay off our house oneday since we are the only ones that visit and call regularly and get along with her wellish

later today FIL SMS’d the boy, have you picked a date for a naming day, I said bugger it tell them we’ll have a big 1st birthday instead, I think her surviving her first year (even though its very common in this country) is a better thing to celebrate than her name, so the boy’s family has been put out a little oh well


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