By beebeejaybee

still here

well, it’s christmas eve …. still no baby …. it’s ok, that sorts out our christmas decoration issue, normal rule is no decos put up till after my b’day was wondering how we were foing to do it with baby……. no problems now

mum wanted me to go to christmas eve dinner, “K & D might be comming” well if K is comming means she will be bringing wil with her, I’m officialy 10 days over, I just got past the miserable stage, I will be pressured to hold “the baybee” the whole night will be about “the baybee”, I don’t want to hold someone elses baby, I want to hold mine, Like I said I just dragged myself out of misery it still hangs on the edge, I wont be pleasant to be around, I wont have a good time.

tomorrow will be “our” first christmas, just us, I have a turkey breast roll in the fridge, veggies in the freezer, and a box of bonbons in the cupboard …….. It will be nice …. the only sad thing, no pressies for us under our tree this year, I didn’t get around to it, even though the boy said his christmas present is in my belly I still feel bad, but I know we will make up for it next year. there will also be more decos ours currently all fit into the tree box …. kelly may have inspired me we may have a bathroom tree next year, the boy will be horrified


4 thoughts on “still here

  1. Merry Christmas to you and the boy…hopefully Christmas Day you will be holding your little present …..

    Take care my friend..have a great day tomorrow….

  2. Hugs to you babe. Will raise my glass of bubbly to you tomorrow and send healthy soon-to-be-born baby vibes your way.

    Smootches and Merry Christmas.

    Next year you will have a beautiful bundle of joy to spoil rotten 🙂 Oh and a bathroom tree *giggle*

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