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a Plan for tomorrow

I’ve given up waiting around, had a major cry session this afternoon, decided waiting is not the thing to do…. I’m on my last bag of RLT I’m hoping this will speed things up a bit I need more…. so tomorrow I am going to venture to the big shops, the boy will freak but I don’t care I need things to cook, like chicken pieces, and raw vegies to eat and to do the last little bit of pressie shopping, I also need some sort of cheap greasy cream for my belly I’m fast running out of nutrimetic oil stuff and its expensive to buy more right now.

unfortunatley MIL got what I was going to get for the boy, not that he can’t use some more blue singlets and holeproof socks I might see if I can find a nice T-shirt or 2 all of the others seem to have been worn in the shed…. its soo embaresing to go out with a man in an oil stained shirt

one thing I’m very glad of is that MIL cleaned our bathroom and kitchen almost back to the way it was when we moved in, in the process I learnt how to do it, by watching, asnd which products seem to work best, she uses gumption and all purpose cleaner for everything so simple, she also got some mould remover for the bathroom, I’m hoping to convince the boy to use it on the cealing

heres hoping all of my plans for tomorrow will be rudley interupted 🙂


One thought on “a Plan for tomorrow

  1. Dry those tears darl, it won’t be too long now. Glad the MIL has done some cleaning for you, when you start wanting to do it yourself you’ll know it won’t be long…they call it nesting.
    Enjoy your shopping….have a good day,

    Jen xx

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