I’ve just been cruising around surfing forums, and blogs waiting to become tired enough to sleep

I’ve noticed something, there a dude on youtube(I’m too lazy to find the clip) who noticed it ages ago

it is the excessive use of the term LOL

what ever happened to general laughter HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA or giggles HEHEHHEHEHEHE

not only is there and excessive use of lol but people have been trying to useit in place of Hahaha so we get Lolololol 😕

a very simple explaination for theses people LOL stands for Laugh Out Loud

Now if you put Lolololol you just said Laugh Out Loud Out Loud Out Loud Out Loud

Idea of Lol was to reduce the number of letters one has to type if you are going to stretch it out first you lose the meaning, second you defeat the purpose and third you make it hard to read try Hahaha and Hehehehe it makes more sense


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