you haven’t gone yet??

anyone would think the boy’s parents beleive we would fail to tell them when their new grandchild arrived.

friday night his dad rings, not to say hello mind you just to get BIL’s number, he explains that he has been staying at his GF’s and left his mobile at work …….. his GF lives just around the corner from the BIL who’s number he wanted they have his GF’s contact I’m sure the message would have gotten to him

this morning his mum rings I answer “so you haven’t gone yet” 😯 WTF is wrong with these people, Mil is staying at BIL’s place does she think we are still not talking to BIL and E (long story) then goes on to ask if there are impending signs…… I dunno……… any tightenings, well yeah but they’ve been happening for weeks, raspberry leaf tea does that. MIL is coming to stay tomorrow I’m not sure how long for, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with her, hoping my windy aches turn into something more during the rest of the night and it won’t be an issue


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