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you will let us know when it starts won’t you?

Bull crap….. last night I got a phone call, dad rang to thank the boy for giving him a bottle of chivas in return for his rescue mission the night b4 (he who is always right ran out of fuel). and to tell me that aunty rang and K is in labour ….. Well whoopdido so what, here I am getting frustrated with my belly, my legs are hairy my feet itch and it may be TMI but I’m having trouble wiping my bum, on top of that I often feel like I gotta go (either way) only to sit on the loo and have the feeling dissapear, I want a camenbert avacado and smoked salmon toastey I have spent the last 2 weeks feeling like AF is coming, I have feet sticking into my ribs and I get told my cousin who can do no wrong (remember she’s the girly girl that mum missed out on) is in labour dad just has no idea sometimes, I cried all night.

I will not let them know until I need mum as backup or we have a baby X or Y named ???? born at XX:XX. I really don’t want every one knowing things have started I might post on EB and perhaps here if I happen to be online at the time but I will not have evryone I know knowing thats just stupid nothing interesting to tell them yet, I would have prefered just getting a message this morning (K had her baby, named william by C/S)

happily  Mabel also had her baby this morning very early, 00:01hrs 😀 on the loungeroom floor aparently it happen a little quicker than expected and jack garry (not sure where the jack came from but garry was my uncle) was delivered by ambos …. she always wanted a hombirth but couldn’t afford it (I’m sure theres a whinge in the archives somewhere about medicare and health funds not covering homebirth). that was nice to find out

some background info ….. K dislikes Mable, Mable did silly things when she as younger,  K helped out but became put out in the process, she still dwells on it. K announced her pregnancy on the same day as mable, their original due dates are the same, K has spent most of the last 6 months comlpaining about how could they do this to me they knew I was trying (yeah like they knew you were going to conceive on the same day), K also spent alot of time thinking labour will be just like the forster ironman triathalon….. which she has dropped out of in the middle at least once, so that she ended up with a C/S after talking about going natural didn’t suprise me even if it is more related to her having broken some bones in that area in the past than drugs inhibiting thing working properly, thats the main reason that I wanted homebirth each step up in drugs leads to further intervention, Drs don’t wan’t paitents in pain so will really try to convince you to make use of their relief methods (I don’t even take panadol for headaches and such) if I’m at home I have to make the decision to go to the hospital for drugs rather than being right there and it just happening.

I’m glad the boy has been talking to experianced fathers at work even though he won’t read anything, one told him that cutting the cord is overrated don’t bother let them do it and wait till baby is dried and wraped (poor boy is disgusted at the thought of gunk still being there wonder how he will go with the pooey nappies) b4 holding. another said don’t let them give drugs, because one of his was effected by it for a couple of hours, poor kid was zonked out for ages (glad someone shared that now the boy knows why I don’t want to go that way) I’m thinking I might go find something to munch on … chrisco came today we have special food for a while


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