By beebeejaybee

22 days

yep 22 Days til christmas 7 days till MIL comes to stay, 12 days till DD seriously it will be much earlier this week would be nice, The Boy dosen’t understand the need for me to be comfortable with the people that are here and thinks it would be nice to have his mum here for the birth …. you got another thing coming I hardly know MIL I have met her briefly twice in 6 years and spoken on the phone to her very occasionally.

back to the original reason for posting, Christmas, I have yet to decorate(aka put up the tree) I have frames for the grandparents, which I plan on putting a family photo in each(hurry up baby), a calendar for dad, a wading pool for M&J and then there is mum and the boy…. mum I’m stuck on, if I hadn’t found the calendar for dad I would have got them a combined gift of a digital photo frame, I have myself on a tight budget $25 PP photo frame is way out of that range unless I get one of these which is closer to the right range. we aren’t doing brothers just kids and oldies which cuts the list down a bit


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