By beebeejaybee

Happy Birfday to me

yesterday the boy asked me what I wanted for my birthday,one day we might both get around to buying not last minute pressies….. if he had asked a week ago I would have had a list for him, thinking about it now there are at least 2 I can think of

  • a new cotton nightie possibly in a size that dosen’t show my bum
  • series 1 of house or ugly betty or any other not to bad tv show (we don’t pay for tv )
  • a book Dark celebration
  • a dustbuster (just cause we don’t have one)

 wow thats 4  I would also love a hard disk video camera but thats not overly important and the least likely to be used I can borrow my DLBs one he doesn’t use it much

its raining again, dad will be here soon mum wanted to go out for dinner, I don’t much feel like going anywhere, my back is aching again, my tummmy feels heavy,  hoping this means we haven’t long to go now. any way I compromised, I said I’d go to there house for atlantic salmon reasons

  1. comfy chairs
  2. can lay down if I want to
  3. don’t have to wait to order
  4. don’t have to wait for food to be served (one place we waited almost 3 hours!)
  5. can go home whenever I want with out having to get out of the club first

 the boy’s mum’s 50th Birthday is in 2 days we discussed getting her an Ipod shuffle and filling it with music she likes (luckily I have similar tastes) but then we realised that she won’t be able to charge it I hope he looks tomorrow to see if we can get a travel charger on short notice

oh well I’m going to go back to waiting


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