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well first weekly appointment today, sent a letter requesting the hire of an oxygen cylinder today, found out that MIL is coming to stay next week today, hope things have happened by then and she will be an extra pair of hands, thanks mum the vac is in the corner over there, your son likes the floor cleaned twice a week 😀 hahahaha yeah right like I’d speak to someone I’ve only met twice like that though if we have a small baby at the time she might be at least given shoo away the guests duty and if we have chrisco arrive help the boy pack it into the freezer mmmmmm turkey is coming 🙂

as for the appointment the boy was well educated in the subjects of blood discharge and vaccination (oh so much confusion and conflict on that one things may be delayed a few months but definatley no hep b for my 2 day old) MW said she has yet to have her baby vaccinated with all of the conflict and confusion but probably will before she goes to school

the boy has gopne to work, I am considering a nice nap, I’m also hoping my ear unblocks some time soon its driving me mad


2 thoughts on “eek

  1. Just on the Hep B, I know it’s not for everyone but all my kids have had it at 2 days because my step-brother has it. I’m not taking those kinds of chances.

  2. thanks Kin if I was going to be in hospital or had family who had it I would probably consider it wouldn’t like the chances either

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