Brain Dumps

I’m tired Im hungry

I need sleep last time I acutally slept properly was monday night I fell asleep on the lounge woke up in a puddle of drool and dragged myself to bed slept a good 12 hours and woke up feeling ok 😀 must have needed it because since then I have developed a cold again on top of that baby is still posterier so I have been told to only lay on my left side and lean forward when sitting hopefully the little pain will turn around for me , the problem with my left side…. my hip and leg aches, problem with laying on my side only my lower back aches its fine while the boy cuddles in but he dosen’t for long and my back gets sore without the warmth,.

 I was ment to order my oxygen today just have to hope nothing happens over the weekend and order it on monday morning, I don’t think I was with it enough today to talk on the phone….. can someone explain why when I’m on the Do not call register I still get calls offering free moblie phones which get me out of the bath because I think its the boy and he goes into panic mode if I don’t answer……. poor boy is under the impression that everything is going to happen really quickly like be all over with in 1hour or less I wish he would do some reading and not be so unprepared.

 I am hungry but I don’t  feel like making any thing, thinking next shop might involve a couple of frozen lesanges and other such very usefull instant frozen foods that don’t require much thought, yes they are often horribly fatty and full of preservitaves etc but atm I couldn’t give a damn as long as its food


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