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I need a nice big block of chocolate preferably dark and cold or a packet of timtams and a glass of milk

After listening to The Boy whinge all day about how he has to do everything….. I hate it when he does that he keeps hitting himself in the head, its not my fault that he takes on a million projects at once, really the front yard reno could have waited till next year when I would be more comfortable about spending the money and more up to helping out, my little bike dosen’t need to be delt with right now, I would have done the washing if he hadn’t already put it in the machine while I was in the shower, I don’t see the need to constantly vac and mop would be even less if we ate at the dining table instead of the coffee table then we wouldn’t need a carpet cleaner either, his project bike is important but would be better delt with at a time when we aren’t looking at relying on his income for food some savings b4 I go on half pay would be good. ok over that one.

thought I might take that trip to the shop this after noon, the bus was supposed to come at 310 it went past the end of the street at 307 I was about 4 meters from the corner where the stop is grrrrr next one was at 345 couldn’t be bothered anymore needed to get washing off the line b4 the storm came

got home to find the dogs inside again they got a good belting and shoved back through the hole, will see if I can find some wood to fix it with tomorrow since the wire dosen’t seem to be working, for those picturing holes in our floor don’t worry, the sun room was tacked on to the side of the house and sliding panels put to hide the underhouse parts which were closed in for storage space we opend up the back bit and put a dogbed in there I have been using wire first bird then chicken to stop them pushing the panels out they have managed to break the bird wire and pulled a corner of the chicken wire down just enough to squeeze through grrrrr

feeling better now made the mistake of watching huey now hungry going to look for food….. anyone know how to make holindaise?


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